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Our Clinic

Our Fertility Center

The Lifeshore Clinic is a recognized fertility center serving the Lagos metropolitan area.

Our physicians are fellowship-trained reproductive endocrinologists with national and international recognition for their outstanding clinical work, who treat a wide range of fertility challenges with acceptance, warmth and dignity. We are committed to offering compassionate care to anyone who wants to become a parent, and will walk with you every step of the way no matter what type of fertility journey lies ahead.

Our fertility center combines state-of-the-art innovation in reproductive medicine with a multidisciplinary approach to better attend to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping people move through the challenges of becoming a parent through fertility treatment, insemination, fertility drugs, IVF, ART, egg donation, and gestational surrogacy.

We pledge to treat you the way we would want to be treated during this potentially challenging time.

Mission of Lifeshore

To help complete the family unit, using safe and effective methods that assist couples. Our care plan will ultimately be centered on the expected results of every person we encounter.


To establish a smile through our words, communications and actions.