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IVF – Invitro Fertilization


Our multi-disciplinary, professional team utilizes an advanced approach to IVF (in vitro fertilization) and ART (assisted reproductive technology).   The physicians at Lifeshore Clinics each have over 25 years of experience in IVF treatment with acclaimed success working with patients from all across the United States, Nigeria and Europe in addition to providing international IVF treatment. Your physicians at Lifeshore Clinics are actively involved in the development and evolution of IVF and ART. They understand why treatments work, when they are most beneficial and what realistic alternatives are. Additionally, they understand what doesn’t work and will listen to your needs, and make sure you are given options and alternatives for your family building success. During your treatment cycle, many team members, in addition to your individual physician, will participate in your care.   Advanced infertility procedures require time and energy, as well as an emotional and financial commitment. Our entire staff will make every effort to provide you with personal and compassionate care in order to make this process as comfortable and manageable as possible.