Initial Treatment & Infertility Testing | Lifeshore Clincs

Initial Treatment & Infertility Testing

Lifeshore clinics is committed to creating an effective and encouraging infertility testing process for both women and men.   The first step on your journey to becoming a parent is infertility testing, which includes a thorough review of your medical history, your family history, and an in-depth physical evaluation using the latest innovations in fertility research. We then perform a series of diagnostic infertility tests for you (and your partner, if applicable) to determine your treatment plan.   When you come in for an appointment for infertility testing, your fertility doctor will offer you a private setting to listen to your concerns, allow you to ask questions, and give you a clear understanding of your options. All of our physicians are committed to serving the emotional and physical needs of patients first. We encourage you to engage technology at incremental levels and to be unafraid to ask for the treatment you truly desire.   Each infertility condition has its own prognosis and success rates based on the woman’s age and hormone screening, although today these rates are much more clearly defined than they were in the past.

Our philosophy is not to exclude patients from the treatments available but to instead allow them to move through options by their own choice. So we will offer recommendations based on your unique situation, but ultimately we want you to feel comfortable with your infertility care and to decide what’s best for you.   At Lifeshore Clinics, we have and will continue to treat both good and poor prognostic patients. We choose not to focus on reportable IVF success rates but instead to focus on the needs of our patients, which is in line with our values as physicians. We are physicians, first and foremost.